Palmer's in the Community

Anthony J Arenas Professorship

$500,000 match has come to Palmer's in an efford to create an endowed fund at UW Madison for Transplant Research that will create a legacy for Tony that will live on for eternity. 


Palmer's Tent Event: Sunday August 26, 2018

Palmer's annual Tent Event raises money for Cystic Fibrosis Research as well as improving the lives of those dealing with organ transplants!  

The Tent Event also promotes the importance of Organ Donation. 


Donation Requests

 Palmer's Steakhouse knows how important it is for small businesses to play a role in the communities in which they serve.  We applaud those who take steps to fundraise for charitable causes and do our best to donate where we can.  


 A registered donor can save up to 8 lives with organ transplants and save or heal up to 75 lives with tissue and corneal transplants. 
Increasing Wisconsin’s Donor Registry is important to us.  Please register your donation decision at, if you haven’t done so already.